About Our Company

" Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, amid green tea leaves, lies our 10 acre farm which is equipped with all the latest technology to ensure that you get pure milk every day. No middlemen, no franchisee-owner for, GODHULI FARM 'belongs' to You! Take a day off and come relax at our farm with our happy cows. We greet our visitors with a glass of fresh milk! Call us for appointment!


This is how it all began! A group of young entrepreneurs belonging to Siliguri but who had left their soil for some time for various pursuits like higher studies and work experience come back and find a hard time getting quality milk. Milk, being one of the most vital components in a meal, is best consumed pure and fresh. So, just like any good entrepreneur would do, they sat down and decided to come up with a solution for the problem. The result?- Pure , unprocessed milk straight to your doorstep so that the next cup of tea or glass of milk you have in the morning, keeps you energised and going through the day!


Our mission is simple- TO PROVIDE PURE AND HEALTHY MILK EVERY MORNING TO YOUR DOORSTEP! But, at the same time , GODHULI FOLLOWS A HUMANE APPROACH to the whole farm- to- door concept. GODHULI MILK comes from pedigreed Holstein and Friesian Cows which are kept happy, comfortable and pampered with their own 'beds', huge dairy fans to beat the summer heat and machines to gently massage them too! The GODHULI COWS are free to roam around wherever they want to in the sprawling farm-campus, free to sun-bathe in the winters or rest in the shade during the summers. They are fed with the highest quality grains to ensure their safe health and thus yours! When the cows are old, we plan to send her to old age cow homes in Nepal. We do not send our cows to slaughter houses !


We believe that "Machines will follow a path that mirrors the evolution of humans." So, let us not harbour a myth, a wrong notion in our minds that machines only increase productivity with heartlessness! No, machines can have the human touch and yet avoid the frailties of man and the impurities that man alone in his greed and selfishness can bring into play. Our modern milking machines are capable of milking cows quickly and efficiently, yet gently, without injuring the udder. Our milking machines are designed to ensure that they open the streak canal through the use of partial vacuum pump, inflation tube and pulsator all of which resemble the tongue, dental pallet and jaw movements of the calves thereby helping in retaining the 'Mother Feeling' of our cows- as natural as Nature herself! Plus, our machines are also designed in a manner that they massage the teat, thereby preventing congestion of blood and lymph in it.


We have worked out a very sweet 'double-edged' system where in the mother cows and the calves are happy and protected and the consumers get contamination-free milk too! How is it done at GODHULI? The calves do not drink directly from the tits of the cows because there is danger of infection getting passed from the tits to the calves and vice-versa thereby affecting the purity and genuineness of the milk to be consumed by unsuspecting consumers. Instead, each calf is fed with its mother's milk gently with bottles like little human children.


Significantly a significant lot! Yes. GODHULI is a Hindi word that points to dusk or twilight when happy and satiated cows come back home after their collective grazing leaving a 'cloud of happy dust' from their hooves as they run and rush back home happily! YES, GODHULI MILK leaves no stone unturned to keep Our Cows happy! For, we believe that HAPPY MOTHERS ( OUR GODHULI COWS)CAN ONLY ENSURE HAPPINESS IN THE BODIES AND HEARTS OF THEIR CHILDREN (OUR CUSTOMERS)

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