Refund of security deposit:

We follow a prepaid system of payment in which we take money in advance after which the customer is subscribed for delivery and is an active user till he has a positive balance in his ‘Godhuli wallet’. In case any customer wants to cancel the subscription and wants a refund he can communicate to us by the following ways.

  1. Call our customer care department.
  2. Email our customer care department.

A refund will be initiated and processed within 15 working days.

Milk Unfit for Consumption

We proudly declare that our milk contains no preservatives or additives. We chill the milk down to 4 degree within half an hour of milking which is the secret of keeping the milk fresh for hours. In certain days, it might happen that the cold chain gets disturbed due to a break down in the machines and other technical reasons. In this case, wallet adjustment can be initiated by the customer provided that we are informed within 24 hours of delivery by any of the three ways mentioned below:

  1. Call our customer care department.
  2. Email our customer care department
  3. Send a whatsapp message to the official number
  4. Visit our head office

Milk with defective packaging

In a rare case should you receive a product with defective packaging or containing suspicious elements, please email a picture of the same on the official email id or send it across by whatsapp to the official number immediately on receiving the product and Godhuli Milk, on confirming with you, will replace the product or take your request for refund. Please note, incase of any changes in order, informing the delivery boy is not admissible as formal intimation of order. The customer care department is the only authorized channel for this. Any cancellation without prior intimation will be treated as a delivery from our end.

Bottle demurrage charges

Breakage of one bottle, the first and only first time it happens will incite no charge. After that each broken glass bottle will be charged at Rs.50. In case of receipt of milk in a broken/ cracked bottle, prior intimation needs to be provided to us in the above mentioned ways. We request you to rinse and return the bottles on every next scheduled delivery.