Why should we consider your milk?

Because it is natural, unadulterated and farm-fresh milk- almost as if the cows belong to you! In the case of GODHULI MILK the cows are like your own home cows fed on natural and chemical-free fodder. So, there is no danger of contamination and disease. Like family members. their health is constantly monitored.....You are therefore assured of pure milk yielded by healthy and happy cows.

  • How is it different from others?

    The above reasons and a very important reason- when milk is collected at a collection centre, nobody knows the source or the cows who have yielded the milk- are they healthy, are they disease free, are they getting natural chemical-free fodder, or they being given hormones to increase production? Nobody knows. At Godhuli, everything is transparent. You can visit our farm and see for yourselves the cows and their condition-the ones giving you the milk at your doorstep.

  • "Modern dairy farms promote cruelty by sending old animals to slaughter houses," Are you doing that too?

    No, at GODHULI MILK, we regard cows as the Universal Life Givers or Nourishers- Our Universal Mothers. So, our Human and Religious Values can't even make us think or imagine or dream of subjecting 'our mother cows' to even the tiniest iota of cruelty. So, we have a tie-up with a very Humane and Kind Organisation in Assam that is devoted to looking after old cows till they die their natural death well looked after till then.

  • Are the calves allowed to drink the mother's milk?

    Yes, but not in the conventional way. The conventional way often leads to transfer of infection from the calf to the mother's tits or vice-versa risking the lives of both and surely adversely affecting the quality of milk that you eventually get to drink. At GODHULI, the cows are milked with the most modern machines that are based on slow mother-feeding of her little one through vacuum-suction which is similar to the feeling of a mother giving suckle to her baby calf- minus the injuries leading to infections given by the calf's teeth to the tits of the mother. Also, the calves are fed with the required daily quota of milk with the help of bottles that are sterilized and kept germ-free.